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The Centre is a vibrant community of scholars who are teachers; doctoral, postgraduate and undergraduate students.

      • Dr.Amita Dhanda, Professor of Law heads the Centre 
      • Ms. V.S.Padma  is the Administrative Coordinator.


  • Documentation
  • Awareness building and sensitization
  • Litigation and Conveyancing
  • Research and Publication
  • Teaching and Training


  • In order to establish a library conducive to research  the Centre’s Documentation wing is engaged in collating legislations, administrative orders, and judicial decisions on disability which are not restricted to final administrative or judicial orders. Instead the complete case papers of major disability cases are being collected.
  • The records maintained by the Documentation Division feed into the work of the Research wing as well as the Teaching & Training Division. 

Awareness Building and Sensitization

  • This Division keeps a track of the contemporary issues and developments in disability laws to generate rights-sensitive dialogue and discussion.
  • Analyses the disability dimension in general legislation; to ensure that disability concerns are not forgotten and every issue is comprehensively debated.  
  • Identifies target institutions be they educational or administrative or non-governmental which are suitable for such discourse

Research and Publication

    • Dr Dhanda has been engaged in preparing a handbook for Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights on Legal Capacity in the CRPD
    • The Centre has been examining for Government of India and Disabled Peoples Organizations the Legislative Changes required to harmonize Indian law with CRPD.
    • Provides Research assistance to the other divisions

Litigation and Conveyancing

    • Assistance to individual persons with disabilities in pleading for their rights.
    • Takes up class-actions.
    • Drafts Advance Directives.
    • Creates Legal Documentation for Support Networks.

Teaching and Training

  • In conjunction with the goal of awareness building and sensitization, the Centre’s Teaching and Training Division aims to design and execute training programmes for administrators, judges and civil society so as to create and enhance a deeper and comprehensive understanding of the disability related issues

Dr Dhanda offers an elective course on Comparative Disability Jurisprudence to the
B.A., LL.B (Hons.) students.

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