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Accredited in 'A+' grade with a score 3.60 on a four point scale by NAAC


Dr Malvika Tyagi holds her PhD in Economics at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi,  Her research looks into the broad area of Law and Economics, particularly Economics of Crime and Vulnerability.
She was also a Research Scholar (on full scholarship) and Teaching Assistant at University of Connecticut.
She submitted her Masters thesis on Inflation and Monetary Policy as part of her Masters in Economics at South Asian University, New Delhi.
She did her Bachelors (Honours) in Economics at Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi.
Her interests cut across disciplines, from Science and Spirituality, to Politics and Policy, to Law and Economics, to International Affairs.
She was shortly part of the Choreography team in College. She enjoys spending time with her family and reading about the Science and Philosophy of the Origin and Evolution of the Universe.
In the long run, she hopes to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged and fight for Social Justice.
An eminent lawyer once said “Live like you’ll die tomorrow, Learn like you’ll live forever”. This was none other than Mahatma Gandhi. She aspires to follow this principle in life.

  • Bachelors (Honours) in Economics
  • Masters in Economics
  • Ph.D in Economics from IIT (Delhi)

Newspaper Article

  • Tyagi, Malvika & Upendra Baxi (Oct 2018), "What We Talk About When We Talk About Crime",Opinion, Indian Express.

Journal articles

  • 2016 Tyagi, Malvika, “Analysis of Juvenile Crime, Effects of State Apparatus”. Economic and PoliticalWeekly, December 17, 2016, Vol. 51
  • 2016 Tyagi, Malvika, “Understanding Juvenile Crime: Notes from the field”. Economic and PoliticalWeekly, Jan 2016, Vol. 51

Working Papers:

  • -Hussain Malik Altaf & Malvika Tyagi ”Role of Political connections in Land Investment: Evidence from rural India” Constitutional Political Economy- Springer Publishing (Revise and Resubmit)  
  • -Tyagi, Malvika, "Do Juveniles Exploit the Relatively Lenient Juvenile Justice System?”
  • -Tyagi, Malvika, "Social Capital and Vulnerability to Crime"
  • -Sengupta, Tyagi & Hussain, "Examining the Time Consistency of Poverty Measures"
  • 2017 New Frontiers in Economic Development, Department of Economics, University of Connecticut
  • 2016 Jenesys 2016, A program in Japan organized by International Cooperation Centre, Governmentof Japan, Theme: Economics
  • 2015 Modern Finance and Macroeconomics: A Multidisciplinary Approach (December 22, 2015-January2, 2016), International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bangalore, India-Winter School
  • 2015 International Conference on South Asian Economic Development, South Asian University, NewDelhi, India
  • 2014 Indian Statistical Institute-University of Warwick workshop, Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi,India
  • 2013 The Indian econometric society annual Conference Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi, India

Economics-I, Policy Issues in India, Law and Economics

Name: Dr.Malvilka Tyagi
Email: malvika.tyagi@gmail.com