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Accredited in 'A++' grade with a score 3.60 on a four point scale by NAAC


In the beginning
The vital second step - the second batch
Spreading cheer - the third batch
Ek do teen
Sunny side up - the fourth batch
If it fits you, wear it
The first eighty - the sixth batch.
Saat saath - the seventh batch
At entry point - the eight batch
Seizing the day - the ninth batch

All students who have entered the portals of NALSAR have forged an indelible factual connection with the institution. It is also an emotional connection of good and not so good and sometimes bad memories. The undergraduate students who constitute the largest number and stay for the longest time with us come as wide-eyed young adolescents and leave as young adults. This process of growing up is often not easy for the students; but for the faculty to see the young ones spread their wings and fly away is a sad- happy experience.

As one batch of students graduate others obtain admission so whilst the nest is never empty every batch of students in all streams and at all levels are missed and remembered for their unique qualities. This inextricable connection of the alumni with the alma mater cannot be severed by time and distance.

We look forward to engagement with our alumni and hope to hear stories of your times at NALSAR, with pictures if possible.