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Accredited in 'A++' grade with a score of 3.52 on a four point scale by NAAC in Cycle 2

NALSAR Remembers

The University has grown by leaps and bounds from its modest beginning in Barkatpura. Happy as we are with the growth and success of the University, we are also sad as we remember all those who started with us on this journey but are no longer with us. NALSAR remembers them all. Mr. Narasimha who contributed to the making of the gardens, and Mr. Naresh Kumar who supervised the construction of the buildings. We remember Shankar whose small shack has been the regular haunt of NALSARites down the years and who was most often mentioned in the unforgettable memories of NALSAR students.

We wistfully remember B Anil Kumar, Deepak Goud, Mahesh Gopan, D V Ram Reddy and P P R Tej Kumar whom we lost in unfortunate accidents before they completed their degrees. We mourn the untimely and sudden deaths of our alumni Deepak Negi, Fatehpal Singh, Muteti Mutisya Mwamis, R V Yashas, Saurav Das. and Tirthankar Pramanik.

We remember Dr.Ghansyam Singh who was Professor-Registrar at NALSAR. His scholastic–administrative career was cruelly cut short on April 1, 2010 whilst serving as Registrar at NLU Delhi.

The Grand Old Man of NALSAR, Prof Vepa P Sarathi lived and died on his own terms. Many a student at NALSAR benefitted from his lectures in Property; Evidence; Interpretation of Statutes. He was teacher to both student and faculty and his birthday a day of celebration for all. We feel intellectually, emotionally and spiritually poorer without him.

We also miss Prof. M. V. Subbarao who was our first political science teacher and Prof. P. Sundararajan who inaugurated clinical education at NALSAR.

The Chief Justice of the AP High Court is the ex-officio Chancellor of NALSAR. Our founder Chancellor Mr Justice U C Banerjee, did not just found NALSAR, he nurtured the place and guided us at every step through the years. His commitment to NALSAR and his affection for all of us is sorely missed.