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Accredited in 'A++' grade with a score 3.60 on a four point scale by NAAC

Student Governance

NALSAR takes student governance seriously. Very seriously. As befitting any law school, the University has a dynamic student body with a keen awareness of its rights; one which seeks to have its voice heard. The student body has its own Constitution, creating an elected Student Bar Council whose primary duty is to represent the interests of students before the administration and faculty, and work towards creating an inclusive and convivial atmosphere on campus. While the practical utility of and need for student governance is immense, the fact that participative decision-making and the creation of structures of self-governance are also profound learning experiences is an added benefit.

The undergraduate student body elects members to eight committees which govern various facets of student life in the University. The Academic Committee liaises with its administrative counterpart in all matters concerning student engagement with academic systems, including proposals for reform. The Moot Court Committee organises several national and international moot court competitions on campus, and determines (through internal competitions) the teams that represent the University in all external contests. Debates and literary events on campus are managed by the Literary and Debating Committee, and all the music, dance and tamasha is credited to the Cultural Committee. The Sports Committee, the custodians of fitness on campus, organises inter- and intra-college basketball, cricket and football matches. The Student Welfare Committee, the Mess and Hospitality Committee and the Hostel and Campus Welfare Committee are students’ go-to committees in most matters relating to living on campus.

As with all democracies there is also a perpetual need to evaluate the fairness and efficacy of existing systems and devise new methods to address concerns that might arise. Acknowledging this reality, a Constitution Review Committee is presently undertaking the task of re-imagining the SBC Constitution, informed by student experiences in the previous decade.