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An institution for higher learning must promote scholarship that engages with practical questions as well as the moral and philosophical dilemmas that arise in contemporary life. In addition to its full-time taught programmes and initiatives in proximate education, NALSAR University of Law provides an enabling environment for its faculty members, research scholars and students to actively contribute to the production of knowledge in legal studies as well as cognate disciplines such as political science, history, economics, sociology and business studies among others. Our faculty members have authored several book-length studies, chapters in longer compilations, scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals, research-based surveys and opinion pieces in leading newspapers and magazines. Our research scholars enrolled in the PhD. programme are encouraged to produce innovate and creative legal scholarship that blends methods and insights drawn from several disciplines The curricular design of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses gives students regular opportunities to hone their research and writing skills, with many of them successfully developing their written assignments into scholarly publications.


The University also provides a platform for showcasing scholarship by contributors from other institutions, primarily by way of several journals that are published regularly. While some of these journals are edited by members of the standing faculty that invite submissions which are put through a rigorous process of peer-review, there are several student-edited journals that aim to encourage undergraduate and postgraduate students to write for academic audiences. At the moment, the following journals are published by NALSAR University of Law:

  1. NALSAR Law Review (ISSN 2319-1988)
    1. Nalsar Law Review-Vol. 2 - Download Here 
    2. Nalsar Law Review-Vol. 3 - Download Here 
    3. Nalsar Law Review-Vol. 4 - Download Here 
    4. Nalsar Law Review-Vol. 5 - Download Here 
    5. Nalsar_Law_Review_Final_Vol-6_2011 - Download Here 
    6. NLR 2013_ vol.7 - Download Here 
    7. NLR Vol-8_Issue 1  - Download Here 
    8. NLR Vol-8_Issue 2 - Download Here 
  2. Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law (Print ISSN 0975-492X and e-ISSN 2278-862X)   -  Download Here 
  3. Environmental Law and Practice Review (ISSN 2319-1856)
    1. ELPR-vol-1- Download Here
    2. ELPR-vol-2- Download Here
    3. ELPR-vol-3- Download Here
    4. ELPR-vol-4- Download Here
    5. ELPR-vol-5- Download Here
    6. ELPR-vol-6- Download Here
    7. ELPR-vol-7- Download Here
    8. ELPR-vol-8- Download Here
  4. Media Law Review (ISSN 2319-1848)
    1. NMLR Vol-1-2010 - Download Here 
    2. NMLR Vol-3-2013- Download Here 
  5. Journal of Corporate Affairs and Corporate Crimes (ISSN 2278-8611)
    1. JCACC_Vol-3_2015.pdf - Download Here 
  6. NALSAR Student Law Review (ISSN 0975-0216)
    1. NSLR Vol 6 2011 - Download Here 
    2. NSLR Vol.7 2012.  - Download Here 
    3. NSLR Vol.8 2013  - Download Here 
    4. NSLR Vol.9 and 10 2016 - Download Here 
    5. NSLR Vol.11 2017 - Download Here 
    6. NSLR-VOL.12. - Download Here 
    7. NSLR-VOL.13  - Download Here 
  7. The Indian Journal of Constitutional Law (ISSN 0975-0134)
    1. IJCL_Vol.10 - Download Here 
    2. IJCL_Vol.9 - Download Here 
    3. IJCL_Vol.8 - Download Here 
    4. IJCL_Vol.7 - Download Here 
    5. IJCL_Vol.4 - Download Here 
  8. The Indian Journal of Law and Economics (ISSN 2319-1864)
    1. The-Indian-Journal-of-Law-and-Economics-Vol1-2010 - Download Here 
  9. NALSAR ADR Journal (ISSN 2348-7690)
    1. ADR Review Final Printed -  Download Here 
  10. SAARC Law Journal (ISSN 2348-8646)
    1. SAARC Law Journal Vol.1_ 2015 - Download Here 
    2. SAARC Law Journal vol.2&3_2016 - Download Here 
    3. SAARC Law Journal vol.4&5_2016 - Download Here 
    4. SAARC Law Journal Vol.VI&VII - Download Here 
  11. Indian Journal of Defence and Maritime Laws - Download Here
  12. Indian Journal of Air and Space Law (ISSN 2394-6091)
    1. IJASL_Vol.2_2015 -  Download Here 
    2. IJASL_Vol.3_2016 -  Download Here 
    3. IJASL_Vol.4&5_2017-  Download Here 
  13. Journal of Corporate Affairs and Corporate Crimes (ISSN 2278-8611) 
    1. JCACC_Vol-3_2015 -  Download Here 


Other Publications and Newsletters:
  1. Centre for Tribal and Land Rights Newsletter (CTLR) - Download Here
  2. Annual Survey of State Laws in India - 2020  -  Download Here 
  3. NALSAR ProBono Club_Newsletter_Low  - Download Here 
  4. OutSightX_Summer Edition '23_Low  - Download Here 
  5. Finnomal - February Edition_Low  - Download Here 


For more information on the submission guidelines for these journals and access to back issues, please follow the accompanying links or visit our open access initiative.

Research-Based Studies and Reports

NALSAR hosts several research centres that frequently produce studies and reports based on first-hand empirical work as well as doctrinal analysis of legislation, administrative materials and judicial decisions. From time to time, faculty-led groups as well as student groups are engaged to produce resource materials for purposes as diverse as conferences on chosen themes, government commissioned studies and teaching resources for other institutions.

Souvenirs and Newsletters

The ongoing academic, research and extension initiatives in the University are documented through newsletters that are published periodically by some of the research centres. Occasionally, the University publishes souvenirs in connection with the conferences, seminars and training programmes organised by the institution.

REPORT on 78 Session Institute of International Law - Download Here


Working Paper Series

Faculty members, research scholars and students at NALSAR are eager to receive feedback on works in progress, so as to improve the quality of their scholarly output. Our open access initiative enables readers to browse through the working papers posted on behalf of the respective authors. this is a test message