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Accredited in 'A++' grade with a score of 3.52 on a four point scale by NAAC in Cycle 2

Postgraduate Study In Business Administration

NALSAR started its MBA programme in 2013 with an aim to produce graduates who can navigate financial, legal, political and cultural issues whilst knowing the permissible limits of the legal system. The MBA course floated by the Department  of Management Studies (DoMS) aims to equip skills required to deal with a fast changing business environment. DoMS highlights itself as a unique B-School as it seeks to supplement the legal substructure of graduates and acquaint them with the legal mandates for various business processes.

Traditionally, students of management had functional options like finance, marketing, human resource management etc. but with changing demands of the market new specialized options have opened up like entrepreneurship, family businesses, agri-business etc. Consequently, the MBA program at NALSAR has an inter-disciplinary design as it joins together the knowledge emanating from the disciplines of management, law and accountancy. DoMS, at present, is offering specializations in Court Management, Corporate Governance, Business Regulations, Innovation & Sustainability Management, Financial Services & Capital Markets, Marketing, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management and Business Analytics. 

The prominence of NALSAR along with a comprehensive academic schedule, provides the students with a conclusive and cogent understanding of various disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, law, and management. The department regularly updates the curriculum and course content based on feedback from recruiters, alumni and academics from other institutions which is in line with the recommendations of NEP, 2020. DoMS intends to produce leaders who are poised to take on challenges in the rapidly-changing business world and can understand the socio-economic, legal, political, and technological aspects of the business arena. 

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