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Accredited in 'A++' grade with a score 3.60 on a four point scale by NAAC

Centre for Legal Philosophy and Justice Education

Head: Prof. Amita Dhanda

The Centre seeks to spark vital conversations around the ideology and philosophy of legal education. It does so, within the University, by organising discussions around varied subjects, ranging from Duncan Kennedy’s Legal Education and the Reproduction of Hierarchies to affirmative action and intersectionality. The NALSAR Film Festival is organised under the aegis of the Centre, in an effort to facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue amongst students from across the city, academics, film makers and activists. The Centre is presently running a three-year project on Knowledge Based Interventions to Strengthen the Realisation of Socio-Economic Rights, funded by Ford Foundation. The project shall engage with the lower judiciary, and other grievance redressal mechanisms under legislations on the right to work, education, land and housing, in order to cull out effective means of accessing rights and feed this knowledge into law school curricula, as well as share it with the stakeholders.