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Accredited in 'A++' grade with a score 3.60 on a four point scale by NAAC

NALSAR Film Festival 3.0. Theme - 'Violence Against Communities'

28/03/2015 to 29/03/2015

NALSAR Film Festival 3.0. (28th-29th March 2015) Theme - 'Violence Against Communities' 

i) '...ebong bewarish' (and the Unclaimed) by Debali​na​ 

The movie narrates the heart wrenching tale of two young girls from Nandigram, whose love was met with social ostracism and oppression from the society they lived in and was driven to an untimely end.

ii) '​​Wasted', by Anirban Datta​

The​ ​movie​ takes us through diverse parts of our country to showcase the increasing accumulation of waste, from open sewages to our rivers, to make its argument that we need to rethink our understanding of recycling in the Indian context. 

​iii) 'Chena Kintu Ajana' (Known Strangers) by Dipankar Dutta 

Known Strangers is about the folk theatre (jatra) performance in West Bengal, focusing particularly on female impersonators. Reminiscing of times when folk theatre used to draw huge crowds, it focuses on their career, their life after retirement, the end of the custom, their contribution to theatre and gender interpretation.

iv) Underworld Memories of the Untouchables and Don't be our Fathers by Rupesh Kumar 

A two part series on the theme of caste based in the director's own village Peringeel in Kannur District of Kerala. Both movies trace the political inventions and interventions of caste. While the first movie is the memories of three generations of people from Peringeel tracing the subtlety of the new caste persecution, the second critiques the patriarchal approach to alleviate this oppression.​