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Judicial Inroads into Arbitration | Justice V Ramasubramanian



Judicial Inroads into Arbitration | Justice V Ramasubramanian
March 6th, 2018 



Justice Ramasubramanian enrolled as a member of the bar in 1983 and practised under senior advocates K Sarvabhauman and T R Mani. He was appointed as the additional judge of Madras High Court in 2006. He is currently serving as the senior-most puisne judge at the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh High Court. He is unanimously revered by all members of the legal fraternity and has been on the bench for various landmark judgements of the High Court. He has penned numerous articles for prominent newspapers like The Hindu, and has extensively analysed foreign jurisprudence and their application in the Indian context. He created history when as a part of a division bench, he conducted hearing over a session of Skype. His judgements portray a wave of judicial activism, reading the law beyond its black-letter to effectuate the tall claims of justice and fairness.

At NALSAR, Justice Ramasubramanian would be talking on the topic of judicial interventions in arbitration. The Indian law in this context is derived from Section 5 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 that defines that the scope of judicial intervention and enumerates that no judicial authority shall intervene except where so provided by the Act. Section 34 of the act provides for the circumstances in which an arbitral award can be set aside by the court. Beyond statute, even at an abstract level, the topic posits a solemn philosophical inquiry concerning the permissible extent to which the judiciary can makes its way into an out-of-court process of dispute resolution.

Mr. Ramasubramanian’s lecture will be of great benefit to the students of Justice City in understanding the context of and varied views on courtroom intervention. 
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