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Accredited in 'A++' grade with a score 3.60 on a four point scale by NAAC

K. V. K. Santhy

Dr. K.V.K. Santhy  is been teaching Criminal Law since 17 years, did Doctoral Thesis on “Penal Reforms in India” at Osmania University. She is the Proctor of the University and takes care of discipline on campus. She has been associated with many projects such as “Study of the Indian Penal Code from Gender Perspective” commissioned by NCW, “Law on Grievance Redressal in the Public offices in A P” by Centre for Good Governance, as Coordinator for the project to draft the Amendment Act for “Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994,” with National Deceased Donor Transplantation Network, Mumbai and submitted to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare coordinator of the Project “Defective Investigation leading to acquittals” commissioned by Bureau of Police Research Development, New Delhi and a UGC Major Research Project on “Sentencing perspectives in the State of Andhra Pradesh”. Delivered guest lectures on Criminal Law at NADT, Nagpur and on International Humanitarian Law - Women at ICRC, New Delhi and ASCII, Hyderabad. She is been the Co-Investigator for GIGA ( Global Internet Governance and Advocacy) an initiative of Dept of Information and technology since three years. Coordinated a three day National Workshop on “Advanced Training to teachers in the South Asian Region on International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law” with ICRC.

She visited Max Planck Research Institute for International Criminal Law, Germany as a part of Post Doctoral Research programme on “Punishment and Sentencing”.  Submitted report on “Counterfeit Drugs in India” to Max Planck under the Guidance of  Professor  Dr. Hans-Georg Koch. Publications: Book on “Sentencing: the use and misuse of Discretion”, “Police Torture: Legal Issues and Remedies”, “The significance of Fair Trial under Human Rights Law in matters of criminal justice: a case study of the trial of Former Iraqi Leader, Mr. Saddam Hussein”, ‘Issues in Human Rights’ Edited by Azizur Rahman, Bangladesh, “A critique of the Transplantation of Human organs Act in India”, Practical Lawyer. Participated in National and International Seminars on issues like, Community Sentence, Law on Sea Piracy, Restorative Justice in Europe, Forensic Law and Cyber Laws.

Delivered lectures in NISA, Hyderabad, NADT Nagpur, CFSL, Hyderabad, National Police Academy, Telagana Police Academy, Women and Child Welfare Department, Andhra Pradesh on issues such as cyber laws, criminal law, sentencing issues in India, Sexual harassment at work place etc,


BSc, LL.M, PhD (Osmania)

Internet Governance, cyber laws and sentencing.

 Researcher for the project Drafting Rules for the State of Telangana funded by UNICEF for a period of one year.  Conducted Four Workshops involving all Stake Holders.   Final draft submitted.


Book Chapters

  • “The significance of Fair Trial under Human Rights Law in matters of criminal justice: a case study of the trial of Former Iraqi Leader, Mr. Saddam Hussein” in AzizurRehmanChowdhury et al (eds.), Issues in Human Rights(New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers, 2009)


  • “Plea Bargaining in US and India: Confessions for Concessions”NALSAR Law Review (2013) 84
  • “How to stop organ scandals? A critique of the transplantation of human organs act in India,” Practical Lawyer (2008) 14
  • “A critical analysis of International rules of evidence of ICC”,Osmania University Journal (2008) 127
  • “Police Torture Issues and Remedies”, 8Supreme Laws Today(2007) 41
  • "Possibilities and Limits of the Criminal Law against Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting”, country report from India, (MAX Planck Institute for foreign and International Criminal Law, 2012).
  • Written an article for the Book journal “Law, Judiciary and Governance” “Law, Judiciary and Governance” on "Online Obscenity And The Judicial Dilemma", Published by Lexis Nexis, ISBN-93-5035-983-9.           
  •  "The Need of Law Regulating Space Imaging in India", in the Book “Justice Triumphs”, Published By Asia Law House, Isbn:978-81-933160-8-5.
  • "The Concept of Letters Rogatory in The Modern System of Criminal Procedure,”, published In (Orient Journal Of Law and Social Sciences), Vol XI, Issue 10, Sept 2017, ISSN 0973-7480, UGC Journal No 64806.
  •             "The Rule of Presumption of Innocence: A Boon or Bane in The System of Criminal Justice Administration", published in OJSL(Orient Journal law and Social Sciences), Vol XI, issue 12, ISSN 0973-7480, UGC Journal No 64806.
  • Lectures delivered:
  •             "Protection of Child From Child Sexual Abuse" on April 11, 2017 at CISF, Hyderabad.
  • Paper Presentation:
  •  Presented a paper titled ‘IT Act - Relevancy Of 65-B Certificate" at Cyber Forensics and Admissibility of Digital Evidence (National) on November 26, 2017 at CFSL, Ministry Of Home Affairs,Hyderabad organised by Central Forensic Lab
  • Presented a paper titled "Legal challenges in the water dispute between India and Pakistan : A critical analysis" at International Conference On Water Sharing In Saarc Region"Legal Issues And Challenges" On March 25-26, 2017 at NALSAR organised by Mk Nambiyaar Saarc Law Centre
  • Presented a paper titled "Encountering the Encounters: the liability of police in a fake encounter" (National) at a conference on Protection of Human Rights : Issues and Challenges on March 30-31, 2017 at Kakatiya University, Warangal.
  •  Presented a paper titled “Medical Negligence and the Rule of Law” (National) at a Conference on Consumer Law - Redressal Mechanism and Recent Developments on Consumer Law organised by Ministry Of Consumer Affairs at Pendekanti Law College, Hyderabad.


Taught courses in Substantive and Procedural Criminal law; the Law of Evidence, Ethics and Court Management; Internet crimes, International Criminal Law, Drug trafficking, Sentencing Dilemmas and Cyber crimes.


Office No:   +91(40) 23498213

Mobile No:   +91 9010081122

Email: santhy.nalsar@gmail.com