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Accredited in 'A++' grade with a score 3.60 on a four point scale by NAAC

N. C. Banerjee Centre for Intellectual Property Rights Studies

Head: Prof. V. C. Vivekanandan

The concept of wealth and the methods of processing wealth have been changing over time. At present technology is one of the most important 'wealth accumulator' and a means by which wealth is possessed. Since international business is technology-centred, it is imperative to develop an appropriate legal regime to meet the challenges of the global economy. India is making great strides in technology development and utilisation. In terms of human resources and availability of scientists, India ranks among the top five nations. With India becoming a member of the WTO and the consequent rationalisation of reforms in Intellectual Property Laws, it is necessary to develop research and advocacy skills to consolidate and improve Indian business advantage for individuals, communities and corporations.

The Mandate of the Centre is:
  • To undertake research on the emerging Intellectual Property regime.
  • To develop advocacy skills in Intellectual Property Rights.
  • To undertake professional training programmes on IP issues for Public Sector/Private Sector/NGOs and Government Institutions.
  • To bring out publications on the emerging trends of IPR.
  • To organize seminars/Workshops and conferences on IP issues for various stakeholders.

Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) Intellectual Property Chair was established in February 2008.

The MHRD IPR Chair’s Activities at the Centre:

The Intellectual property law is taught as mandatory paper in BA.LLB (Hons.) and an IP Specialization is offered in LL.M; the work of the Centre feeds into these course of the University.

Research Programmes:

  • IP as specialization is offered at M.Phil& Ph.D. level.
  • Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law (IJIPL) is published annually as part of the chair activity.
  • The Centre also proposes to select Ph.D. Scholars for MHRD Scholarship Programme for senior and junior scholarship.

Advocacy and Outreach:

  • A One-Year Post-Graduate Diploma Programme in Patent Law is offered through NALSAR Proximate Education
  • The course covers general aspects of IPR, Indian Patents Law, European & Us Patent Laws and International Treaties & Institutions of IPR
  • A One-Year Post-Graduate Diploma Programme in Cyber Laws is offered through NALSAR Proximate Education deals with internet and law has a strong component of IPR as one of the module. Copyright issues of software, patenting of software, domain name issues and operations of ICANN form part of the course.
  • A One-Year Post-Graduate Diploma Programme in Media Laws is offered through NALSAR Proximate Education again has a strong component of copyright law is dealt as part of the course work
  • NALSAR also offers a master’s in business and tax law for the probationers of income tax service at national academy of direct taxes at Nagpur- as part of it IPR has been introduced in its curriculum in the last three years.


NALSAR was given the project of Development of a website portal on “MHRD IPR Chairs gateway” in 2013 – www.mhrdiprchairs.org by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India. The website portal was launched on 17th February, 2014 at Pragati Maidan during the New Delhi World Book Fair by Hon’ble Minister of Human Resource Development.